About Us

Trailblazer Promotions has been helping companies look good since 1988. Our company strives to provide the fastest, friendliest service possible. We are here to help you.

We have witnessed many changes over the years in styles and tastes. Fifteen years ago or so the fashion rage was neon shirts, caps and fanny packs! Ten years ago the executive gift of choice was some type of toy that we played with in our youth. Today it seems to be back to the basics. Conservative corporate clothing, mugs, pens, bags... There is another major change, too. We are in the beginning of a fundamental shift in how business looks at its impact on the earth. 

Call it the "green" revolution or earth friendly choices or reducing your carbon footprint. We do not think this is a fad, like cigar smoking a few years ago (yuck), that will pass in three years. No, this is a movement that will impact every part of your business. Everything you do will be scrutinized. This is for real and it is being driven from the top down.

Happily, there are many earth friendly choices when it comes to promotional products. There are hundreds featured at our main web site, please let us know your needs.

I think the new motto for business buyers will be:

"No one ever got fired for buying green". 

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